Jan 19, 2024

Get to Know Power’s Chief Financial Officer: Kevin Wiggins

Culture Get to Know Power’s Chief Financial Officer: Kevin Wiggins

As Power continues to grow, we’re welcoming new leaders who can not only support us in innovating our business, but positively impacting our people. Kevin Wiggins, Power’s newly appointed Chief Financial Officer, is one of those leaders. He’s a Power person to his core who lives by a servant leadership philosophy and boasts an impressive track record for managing financial services at major organizations. 

We’re so proud to welcome Kevin to our community and celebrate him amid his move to Power. Read on to learn more about the finance industry veteran. 

Tell us about your career before joining Power. 

“I began my career in 1995 at Price Waterhouse (which later became PricewaterhouseCoopers, — one of the “Big 4” accounting firms) as part of their audit advisory services in Philadelphia.  In that capacity, I served large, multinational publicly traded companies in various roles.  

In 2001, I joined IKON Office Solutions, a publicly traded $5 billion Fortune 500 company.  IKON was the largest independent distribution channel for copier and printer technologies and outsources professional imaging services. I held a number of different roles at IKON, the most recent being its corporate controller. I helped lead the sale of the business to Ricoh in 2008 and spent the following two years as the Controller of Ricoh’s North and South American operations and led the integration of IKON into Ricoh.  

In 2010, I joined Wawa, a private and partially employee-owned $20 billion convenience retailer with over 45,000 associates and over 1,000 stores at the end of 2023. I held various roles at Wawa in my 13 year tenure, having spent the majority of my time as the Chief Financial Officer.  In that capacity, I was responsible for all finance services, including accounting and financial reporting, taxation, treasury operations, financial planning and analysis, enterprise analytics, shareholder services, enterprise productivity programs and overall corporate strategy.”

The list of companies you’ve worked at is quite impressive from PricewaterhouseCoopers to Wawa. What attracted you to Power?

“I was very happy at Wawa but I always believe you have to continuously grow and learn. I was at an inflection point in my career were I was not learning as much and not feeling as energized in my career. 

This prompted me to think, “well, what else is out there?” And knew I was looking for very specific type of company and was looking for three major things:

And so I went down a little bit of a road to see what else is out there? And so it had to be a very specific sort of company. There were a few things, at least for me that had to be top of mind: 

And so I did all this research, and that’s what I learned and really excited me about  Power.”

What are you most looking forward to you as you step into your new role?

“I feel blessed to join a company with such a great culture and opportunity for growth, having come from, in many ways, a similar oriented company. I am looking forward to continuing the great work that has already been done over the past few years to evolve the Corporate Finance department. 

Corporate Finance can and should be yet another strategic weapon in our arsenal to enable the business for the growth that is ahead of us. The department should also aid Power to make the best decisions possible as an integrated partner. There is tremendous untapped potential and I’m looking forward to building those capabilities with the Corporate Finance team. It is going to be fun!”

Ok now the fun stuff…

My secret obsession: Cars! I love old Volkswagen’s and late 80’s to mid 90’s Japanese cars.  When I am not working on or driving them, I’m watching Youtube videos about them, often to the annoyance of my lovely wife.

Hobby: Traveling, going to concerts, and I enjoy restoring our 1700’s farmhouse (which never seems to be done).  

Bucket list item: Learn to play the guitar.

Favorite book: 

A cause I care about: Having been the benefactor of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization, I continue to support them. I am still close friends with my Big Brother from over 40 years ago.

Favorite sports team:

Favorite meal: Smoked dry rub wings, a couple of blue crabs (extra JO, not Old Bay), fresh corn on the cob, an ice cold beer, and handful of Cheez-Its White Cheddar Grooves (whoever invented them is a genius).

I nerd out on: Everything, and anything Star Wars

I’m inspired by: My mom. A single mom who taught me the value of hard work, an education, honesty, and accountability.

I unwind by: Being outdoors(mowing the lawn, hiking, riding bike, fishing and hunting — and I don’t care one bit if I get anything)

I can’t live without: Music, especially old school rap, and of course, my wife and three kids

My mornings start with: A 20oz coffee, protein shake, working out and reading the Wall Street Journal

My dream ‘Quest’ lineup at Power’s annual holiday part wold include: Wow, this is tough!  Music is a big part of me, especially live music, so if I could pick anybody, past or present it would be: Beastie Boys, Metallica, A Tribe Called Quest (no pun intended), Kenny Chesney and Chris Stapleton, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Ray Charles.

If you’re interested in joining Power’s Corporate Finance department, you can view open positions here. 

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