Apr 4, 2024

What it Takes to be One of the Best Places to Work in the Country

Culture What it Takes to be One of the Best Places to Work in the Country

As POWER celebrates our seventh year earning a spot on the 2024 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list, we reflect on what we believe has helped us achieve this proud moment.

Many companies can claim they’re a great place to work, but few can actually be one of the best places to work in the country. POWER is proud to be recognized by Great Place to Work and Fortune Magazine, we feel an even greater sense of pride that our employees love where they work. 

So why are POWER people some of the happiest employees in the country? It’s simple. We’ve a built a culture on putting them first. 

We’re sharing a few of our guiding principles that have helped us build a best-in-class workplace. 

Build Trust Through Transparency

CEO shares business performance and news on virtual company-wide meeting.
Co-CEO Asher Raphael delivers company news and happenings during Power’s monthly virtual all-employee Town Hall.

Most business leaders will agree that trust is one of the most important foundational elements of a great workplace. Trust in leadership was one of POWER’s highest-earning categories amongst the Fortune and Great Place To Work® employee survey. 

So how did we build one of the most trustworthy employer-employee relationships? We’re transparent with our employees. They know about important business decisions and the why behind them. 

During the pandemic, we implemented weekly company-wide virtual Town Halls to keep our employees connected and well-informed as the landscape of the business — and the world — was changing rapidly. These Town Halls remain a cornerstone of our culture today, though they are now monthly.

Fuel Purpose

employees perform park cleanup for community service project
Service projects are one small, but impactful opportunity POWER employees can get involved with to create positive change in their communities and fuel purpose in their professional career.

As Power’s co-CEO and the leading architect of the company’s culture, Asher Raphael puts it: “I want people to be happy, but I want even more than happy. What I really look for is fulfillment.”

At POWER, we inspire fulfillment by creating more purpose-driven work. Through Power for Good — a set of employee-led community impact initiatives — we place POWER people at the center of philanthropy, giving them a voice and choice in where funding goes to give back to causes they care about. 

Create Unique Experiences

crowd of people at music festival
POWER employees gather in Mexico for the company’s annual Quest music festival and retreat. Think Coachella meets Burning Man!

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we need human connection. That’s why POWER makes substantial investments in curating one-of-a-kind experiences for our employees that foster deeper connections and build a stronger community. Our events expose employees to new music, art, or literature, take them to new places, and allow them to learn from some of the brightest thought leaders, which we hope improves the quality of their lives.

Care for Their Well-being

people doing yoga on a beach
At many of POWER’s events you’ll find wellness incorporated into the mix — yoga, meditation, journaling, guided workouts, and more.

We go beyond your standard benefits package, and take a holistic approach to the well-being of our employees. Guided yoga and workouts, sessions with meditation experts, mental health counseling, and sober lifestyle-centric amenities are all part of the culture here. 

Caring for employees means supporting them through the many stages of their life. That’s why subsidized child care, fertility coverage, and parental leave are all part of our benefit offerings for our POWER parents. We believe that parents should not have to choose between work and starting a family. 

Continue to Innovate

manager congratulates employee at work with a handshake
Power’s Vice President of Development & Infrastructure, Jenny Gray, congratulates fellow Power Code Academy graduates.

 The mindset that guides us in everything we do, is that improvement never ends. We live every day in pursuit of finding a better way — from the environment we create for our employees, to the service we provide to our customers, to the impact we have on our communities. 

That mission is responsible for the creation of upskilling programs like the Power Code Academy (PCA) and the Dan Price Craftsmanship Academy (DPCA) that employees can enroll in to learn valuable and transferrable skills like craftsmanship and coding. These programs empower employees to create their own path, and not only help to innovate our business, but the future of work as we know it. 

If you’re looking to be a part of a workplace that offers more than just a paycheck, you can explore openings across the country on POWER’s career page

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