Jun 7, 2024

National Best Friends Day: Finding Your BFF at POWER 

Culture National Best Friends Day: Finding Your BFF at POWER 

Finding your best friend at work is rare, so why is it that at POWER it’s the norm? It’s because at POWER, employees love getting to work with some of the people that they consider their best friends.

When a company is led by a people-first mindset, you end up with a community of employees who support and care for one another. This doesn’t just create colleagues, it kick-starts lifelong friendships. Even our co-CEOs are best friends!

This National Best Friends Day, we asked POWER people what it’s like working together. Here’s what they had to say:

Andrew and Nick

Assistant Director of Technology Support Services, BT / Technical Support System Administrator, BT

Nick and Andrew
Andrew supports Nick at a POWER baseball game after work.

 “Throughout the years, we traveled together for new office setups, embarked on a brief road trip from office to another, and supported each other through the lows of the pandemic and other tough personal situations. We enjoyed nerding out about tech and video games and we shared countless great memories, filled with laughter so intense we struggled to breathe. I had been told before not to mix personaland work life, but you never know what kind of friendship you might be missing out on if you follow that advice. Had I done that, I would have missed out on tons of memories with someone I can truly call my best friend. Andrew is really more like a big brother, someone I look up to through it all.” — Nick 

Asia and Marcus 

Customer Development Mentor / Customer Development Mentor 

Asia and Marshall
Asia and Marcus attend one of POWER’s Summit events, where DEI is recognized and celebrated through keynote sessions, breakout rooms, and offsite receptions.

“When I started at POWER, Marcus had already been in the department for about five months, but he had many of the same interests as I did, and I gravitated towards that. Fast forward six years, we have spent every birthday together, every major holiday, celebrated life events, promotions, and the birth of his beautiful daughter. Frankly, he’s one of the many reasons I show up and show out the way I do. He’s uplifting, competitive and genuinely wants the best for me. He has very high expectations for me, as I do for myself. I know if I let myself down, it’s one thing. If I let Marcus down, it feels different. POWER gave me one of the most important relationships in my life, and the job itself is so much easier and more rewarding with my brother.” — Asia 

“I’ve been blessed to meet a lot of great people at POWER, but finding a best friend and sister here makes going to work feel less like work sometimes! Working with my best friend has always allowed me to push myself and has never allowed me to ever put a ceiling over myself. She is always there to push me to be better, even when I think I’m on top of the world. But even on the hard days, she’s there to pick me up and help me realize my true potential — not only in the work place but in life as well!” — Marcus

Clayton and James 

Vice President of People Development / Vice President of People Development 

Clayton and James
James and Clayton take the stage at a Power Veterans Summit, an event that supports both the veteran community and active civilians.

“It’s scary… one of us will think of something and the other person will say it. Sometimes it feels like we have the same brain. But in other ways, we are wildly different and we get to compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Being able to trust someone with your biggest vulnerabilities while doing very hard work is a cheat code. You know that the other person has your back, and knows you’re operating in each other’s best interests! Years of adventures and learning lessons have brought us closer together than we ever thought possible.” — James 

“Working alongside of James is something that I try to never take for granted. He pushes me to be the best version of myself every single day. We are able to both share the struggles we encounter in life, with no judgement. We are committed to always having each others back and it changes the game when you wake up every single day knowing you get to do what you love, alongside the person you trust and love the most in your best friend. James has been by my side through some of the hardest moments of my life. My daughters know him as Uncle James and the things we are able to accomplish are bigger than we ever thought possible. Not only is James my best friend, I consider him the brother that I never had.” — Clayton

Brian and Logan

Events Logistics Specialist, People Experience / Remodeling Consultant Mentor 

Logan and Brian
Logan and Brian celebrate POWER’s annual Pride Event during the month of June.

“I work out of HQ and Logan works out of Nashville, so we don’t get to see each other often, but that doesn’t matter much to us. We talk on the phone almost every day. I’ll check his location as I get in my car to see if he’s at an appointment. If he isn’t, I call, and he picks up right away. Any chance we get to visit one another, we take. I’ve spent countless weekends taking the quick flight to Nashville, and it’s always as if we never left off. We’re BFFs because we demand absolute excellence from each other.” — Brian

“Sometimes it’s daunting to work in a professional setting with close friends, But Brian and I have always worked well together. We have almost identical brains and do a really good job of giving and receiving feedback from each other. Because we work in very different departments, we’ve been able to develop each other’s skill sets in ways that our day-to-days in our respective departments couldn’t.” — Logan

Andrea and Chellsy

Media Relations Manager, Brand / Media Relations Manager, Brand

Andrea and Chellsy
Andrea and Chellsy handing out custom swag designed by employees at POWER’s annual Quest musical festival and employee retreat in Mexico.

“We started at POWER on the same day, on the same team, and I knew instantly that we would get along… I just didn’t foresee how important she’d become in my life. Five years later, she’s my first call when I need someone, my rock, and my biggest supporter. Our friendship is our greatest strength — it’s what enables us to work so well together. Her wins are my wins, and we work hard because the other person deserves our best effort. We’ve also learned to give each other a heads up in the morning most days to make sure we’re not wearing the same outfit… because we have that in common too! How lucky am I to work alongside my best friend every day? I have POWER to thank for that.” — Chellsy

“I met Chellsy at POWER only five years ago, but it feels like she has been a constant in my life forever. She is not only my best friend, but also a trusted partner, my biggest cheerleader, and someone who brings out the best version of myself. Work and life are so much better with her by my side. Little does Chellsy’s husband know that I am, in fact, her life partner!” — Andrea

Jake and Ty 

SVP of Customer Development / SVP of Sales

Ty and Jake in their early teens, when they first started at POWER. 

“We met at overnight camp when we were nine years old. Being away from family, I was a bit scared and he stayed up with me until I felt comfortable since he was in my bunk. We’ve been best friends ever since. We actually made a pact that we’d work together and go through life by each other’s side. After college, Jake was referred to POWER and then ended up referring me. The rest is history. Working with your best friend is everything. It merges the idea of work-life balance and gives us both a different type of motivation to be successful — we’re doing it for the company but also for each other. We don’t want to let each other down!” — Ty 

Looking for a workplace where you can find your own BFF? Check out POWER’s open positions to join our team. 

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