At Power Home Remodeling, we regard “homeowner” to be a hard-earned title that deserves the utmost respect. We believe every homeowner deserves the opportunity to choose a high-quality investment in the upkeep and renovation of their home, their most valued asset.

We don’t aspire to be the cheapest option – because cheap means cutting corners on quality. We aspire instead to deliver long-term value through excellent service, high-quality products, expert installations, significant energy savings and respectful business practices. We are as proud of our long-term, premium value as you are proud to be a homeowner.

We will treat you as a customer from the first moment we speak – whether you purchase our services or not.
You are in charge in your home. So we will only enter your home when invited and only stay as long as we are welcome.
You deserve to feel safe. So we will only send people of honor and integrity to your home. They will act courteously and be professionally attired. And they will treat you with the respect every homeowner deserves.
Your home is precious and so we will always allocate the time necessary to do things right. No corner cutting from our first meeting to the completion of your project.
Because we respect all homeowners – we will never agree to a project without all owners and relevant parties present, so that you are all fully informed of our services and know what to expect.
We will always treat your time with respect. You have the right to expect appointments and installations will be finished on time. If any issues or concerns arise, we will respond promptly. And that response will be from a fully trained Power employee, not an overseas call center.
You deserve to know that your home-renovation partner will never exploit you. So our pricing will always be “blind” – our price will never vary based on age, race, income, the value of your home or any other social variables.
You deserve privacy for your personal information. So we will use best-practice data-security systems to protect the privacy of your personal information. And we will never sell your data to anyone.
Quality home renovations are complex. So we will only bring properly trained experts to your home. We will carry all the necessary insurance and other business safeguards. And we will make sure our work fully complies with all ordinances.
You deserve to feel great about the investments you make in your home. If there is a mistake, we will be there to make it right. Not just at the time of your project but for the life of your home.
If you have a free estimate scheduled, a Customer Care agent will contact you within a few days to confirm your appointment. Thank you for choosing Power and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.