More Than Home Remodeling

Finding a home remodeling company you can trust is challenging. That’s what inspired Jeff and Adam Kaliner to co-found Power Home Remodeling in 1992. While Power Home Remodeling is a legitimate contracting company, it’s also a customer-focused, dream realization company.

Power Home Remodeling Puts You First 

Your home is your most valuable asset. Everything from how your house looks to what happens inside contributes to your well-being and happiness. That’s why Power Home Remodeling is 100% about the customer. You deserve an exceptional experience when it comes to remodeling your home. In an industry that isn’t known for delivering on its promises, Power Home Remodeling is reliable, trustworthy, prompt, communicative, and professional. 

The home remodeling and construction industry typically rank in the top five most complained about industries annually. Others may be hesitant to enter an industry with this kind of reputation but the Kaliner’s dove in head first with a goal to disrupt the industry and become the anti-contractor. 

A Company Built On its People

Power Home Remodeling is a company built on the backs of its people, meaning employees and customers come before profit, and their well-being factors into every business decision we make. We are a dream realization company that believes its purpose is to create positive change in everything we touch — from customers’ homes to employees’ lives to the communities they live and work in. 

For almost 30 years, Power Home Remodeling has been putting people first, which is why we’ve become the nation’s largest, full-service, exterior home remodeler with more than 2,700 employees and over 500,000 customers.

Headquartered in the Philadelphia region, our primary product lines include windows, siding, roofing, doors, solar roofing panels, and attic insulation, providing energy-saving solutions to residents across its operating territories, including Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin.

Transforming Homes and Lives 

In the home remodeling industry, you deserve full transparency throughout the process. There should be clear communication from the time you set up your estimate to the pre-install inspection, during the project, and at the final walk-through. Power Home Remodeling prides itself on our communication and reliability. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our past customers experiences to learn how our team works and see how we were able to transform homes. 

We did a bedroom remodel for this veteran. Learn more about his experience with Power Home Remodeling in the video above.  

Stephanie and John Hagerty hired Power Home Remodeling for a full exterior project which featured 28 new windows, new front and back doors, and new roofs for their home and shed. They were so happy with the results, they shared their experience on their YouTube series Nay’s Days. Watch the video above to learn about Stephanie’s experience with Power, from the estimate process to the inspection, pre-install, and more. 

In the video above, you can get an inside look at how the Power Home Remodeling team works during a project.

Here are more reviews from Power Home Remodeling customers:

“Everyone I came in contact with was extremely nice and polite–trying to get me the best deal and products possible. They do not skimp on education and ensured I knew exactly what I was signing up for and had a full understanding of both the products, project, and materials used. My needs felt like a priority for the company. Even when there ended up being an issue with my back door installation, the company assured a quick fix and were genuinely apologetic for the problems. I never doubted that they wanted to make it right and ensure I had a completely positive experience.” -Becca M., Glen Burnie, MD

“Absolute best. From the initial contact to the job completion. We had absolutely no issues. Everyone was so professional and friendly. We redid our roof and was expecting the process to take days. It did not. It was done in less than a day and looks flawless. We will be using them again when we’re ready to do our siding! Thank you for being the best at what you do!” -Kellzz A,  Roosevelt, NY

“I had the best experience getting my windows replaced in my home. I noticed a difference in the temperature in the bedroom right away. It looks fantastic. Danny and David were my installers and did an amazing job.” -Maura C.

State Licenses

One of the easiest ways to determine the legitimacy of a home remodeling company is to ask to see their licenses and insurance. Power Home Remodeling is happy to provide you with a complete listing of each state (and, where applicable, county) in which we carry a business or contractor license.

Award-Winning Home Remodelers

Power Home Remodeling is the nation’s largest full-service exterior home remodeling company with an award-winning culture. 

From 2017-2021, we have consistently ranked for over 19 National Awards in publications like Fortune, Inc., Computerworld & IDG, Glassdoor, Military Times, Military Friendly, Best in Biz, Inc. 5000, Stevie Awards, Selling Power, and Qualified Remodeler. 

Some of the awards we’ve won include: Top 500 of the nation’s largest remodeling firms based on remodeling revenue, Top 50 Companies to Sell For, IT Department of the Year, Inc. 5000, Top Technology Executive of the Year, Best for Vets, Top CEOS, Best Places to Work, Best Companies to Work For, Best Places to Work for Millennials, Best Work Places, Best Places to Work in IT, and Best Workplaces for Parents.

Additionally, we’ve also won various Regional Awards, including Top Workplaces in Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Austin-American Statesman, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune CT Hearst, Charlotte Observer, Dallas Morning News, Denver Post, The Detroit Free Press, Houston Chronicle, The Washington Post,,, and Tampa Bay Times. 

We’ve also been named the Best Workplaces in Chicago, Texas, and New York, Best Workplaces for Millennials and 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune, Top 100 Workplaces by Newsday, and Best Tech Workplace for Diversity by Timmy Awards.

To learn more about our awards and other company news, visit our press page

It’s a Two-Way Relationship

Though we hope you choose Power Home Remodeling for your next remodeling project, we know that sometimes things happen that are out of our control. If you want to cancel your contract with Power Home Remodeling, you have a 3-day window from the day you enter the contract in which you can cancel your project with absolutely no cost or obligation. 

Why is there a 3-day cancellation window? Typically, we begin to order the parts for your project three days after you sign the contract. All parts are custom-made based on the specifications of your project, and at that time, it’s greenlit for the pre-install inspection. The pre-install inspection is when an install pro goes to your home to make sure everything (like measurements) is correct and prepped for a fluid and seamless installation process. 

Power Home Remodeling is the Real Deal 

At Power Home Remodeling, nothing is impossible. We have a strong culture that focuses on teamwork, hard work, personal growth, and mentoring. Kirk Chapman, a mentor in our Austin office, told the Austin-American Statesman that joining Power was one of the best decisions of his life. 

“I thought I could plant my flag here and have an impact. I think this company is the real deal, and I can go far with it.” -Kirk Chapman

In 2016, we launched our Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Initiative (CD&I) to breed open, educational dialogue and awareness while developing formalized programs to drive more diversity within our walls. Jonathan Levy, a Nitro support ninja, says the initiative has changed him in a myriad of positive ways.

“Our CD&I Initiative enables and fosters conversations about race and equality. Specifically, in Business Technology, we’ve had members of our team present and educate our group about members of their own community that have been pioneers within the technology space, and how they contributed to the betterment of society.” -Jonathan Levy

When you interact with someone from the Power Home Remodeling team, you’ll be able to get a sense of the culture we have developed over the course of 30 years. You’ll find people bursting with our core values of integrity, optimism, grit, and innovation. 

Get in Touch

If you have general inquiries about Power Home Remodeling, please visit our contact page and fill out the form. One of our representatives will promptly respond.