Racial Injustice: Our Efforts to Drive Real Change

At Power, we stand up against injustice, inequality, and bias. We have and always will be committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and supportive environment for employees regardless of sex, race, age, disability, color, creed, national origin, religion, genetic information, familial status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

We’re listening. We’re educating. We’re taking action. Change is imminent.

While we’ve been driving these efforts forward for years, we know there’s a long road ahead and we’re in it for the long haul. Developed in partnership with our Cultural Diversity & Inclusion (CD&I) Initiative, we are taking the following steps as of today.

In light of current events, we will use our platforms to be even more intentional in amplifying the voices and stories of Black employees — frontline staff, leaders, creators, and innovators.

In order to continue building a safe and inclusive workplace for all, we are exploring the creation of Employee Resource Groups.

To protect, educate, and empower our employees in dealing with potential police interactions in our communities, we are partnering with industry experts to conduct extensive police engagement training.

We are creating a working group of employees dedicated to improving the workplace for women of color, a traditionally under-represented group in many corporate settings, including our hiring and onboarding processes.

We will continue and expand our cultural awareness training for all members of leadership to combat discrimination within our company and in our communities.

We’re working diligently to update our buddy system to better support and protect our frontline employees of color who work in our communities every day.

We will hold ourselves and those around us accountable to protect, support, and lift up all underrepresented groups including the Black community by calling on all employees to re-sign our Upstander Pledge — a pledge all employees are required to abide by focusing on standing up to discrimination and prejudices in the workplace — not to be a bystander but an upstander.

Our Woke-ish training will expand to a virtual platform, making them more accessible to all employees across the country and ensure we are all more aware, educated, and inclusive.

Our commitment to Chester — the homebase of Power’s Headquarters — will remain steadfast. Our work with community initiatives and institutions like the Chester Boys & Girls Club, The Chester High School Soccer Program, Arbor Estates, BagIt Chester, and Power’s Next Generation Internship Program will carry on so we can continue supporting underrepresented people of color who call this city home. 

We are doubling down on our pre-existing, rigorous recruitment efforts to create a more diverse pool of candidates by growing our CD&I staff. We are also placing a higher emphasis on collegiate campus and community recruiting to ultimately build a more diverse workforce.

Our commitment to supporting one another and enacting real change will remain unwavering. This is just the beginning.