Feb 9, 2024

Meet B.E.R.G: POWER’s Black Empowerment Resource Group

Meet B.E.R.G: POWER’s Black Empowerment Resource Group

In honor of Black History Month, we sit down with members of our Black Empowerment Resource Group (B.E.R.G.), to learn more about who they are and how they’re working to foster a greater sense of belonging both within POWER and in the communities we serve. 

From leadership and mentorship to professional development and bonding—B.E.R.G. is all about bringing people together and building each other up — both inside and outside of POWER’s walls. Read on to learn what B.E.R.G. personally means to its members. 

The Impact of B.E.R.G., as Told by its Members

Nate Walker takes the mic at POWER’s annual CD&I Summit in Chicago to share the impact his POWER community has made on him.

Realizing Potential
Dallas Customer Development Mentor, Nate Walker, who has been a member of B.E.R.G. since 2020 explains what the ERG means to him. “If it wasn’t for the B.E.R.G meetings, I probably wouldn’t know my true potential at POWER. Seeing more employees that look like me gave me the confidence to keep pushing during the hard times and helped me have more of an optimistic perspective.”

Elyse Wallace takes a moment to help set the vision for the ERG during their annual Juneteeth celebration.

Leadership and Empowerment Opportunities
“B.E.R.G. is very important to me because it provides an opportunity to empower others,” says Elyse Wallace, Secretary of B.E.R.G. and a Legal Specialist at POWER. “Joining was a turning point for me. It gave me a community where I could be my true, authentic self. This acceptance has been transformative, not just professionally, but also personally.”

Daniel Roachford lends a helping hand during BERG’s Juneteenth volunteer project in Boston.

A Sense of Belonging
“The POWER community is amazing, but being one of only a handful of people of color in my office still made me feel somewhat isolated, and some of the challenges I faced have felt not fully understood,” explains Daniel Roachford, a Remodeling Consultant Mentor and the Vice-Chair of B.E.R.G. “B.E.R.G. offers a place to work through these feelings with people who can relate.”

LEFT: Linus Edgehill is joined by his fellow B.E.R.G. leaders Daniel Roachford, Elyse Wallace, and Aja Bell in celebrating the accomplishments of the past year during POWER’s annual Quest music festival in Mexico.

“Many don’t realize the extent of resources and support B.E.R.G. offers,” Linus Edghill, Director of Sales in Altanta, points out. “It’s not just a social club; it’s a network that empowers and aids in various aspects of your career at POWER.”

As part of their annual Juneteeth event, B.E.R.G. members partnered with Urban Farming Institute to harvest and distribute produce to underserved communities in Boston.

Giving back to our Communities
One of the pillars of B.E.R.G. is  “community,” meaning the group is committed to paying it forward to the communities they live and work in. Every Black History Month, the ERG hosts a company-wide competition encouraging all of POWER’s territories to support Black-owned businesses and volunteer organizations, which sees widespread employee engagement. 

Additionally, B.E.R.G. hosts a three-day Juneteenth event in a different city across the country where members volunteer with a local non-profit, learn about their cultures, amplify conversations around Black history, and celebrate!

“The most memorable experience may have been the breakout sessions we had at our last Juneteenth celebration in Boston,” says Roachford. “Attendees were able to be vulnerable, introspective, and be their authentic selves. Tears were shed and hugs were given, giving that weekend a true family feel.”

Mobilizing Change
One of B.E.R.G.’s most notable achievements has been advocating for the recognition of Juneteenth as a company holiday, which POWER began to observe in 2022.

The Future of B.E.R.G.

B.E.R.G. members celebrate the progress the ERG has made, and plan for the future.

There are a few changes in progress for all ERGs at POWER, including B.E.R.G.

If you’re looking for a workplace where every individual is seen, heard, and empowered, explore POWER’s open opportunities here.

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