Mar 1, 2024

Every Day is Employee Appreciation Day at POWER

Culture Every Day is Employee Appreciation Day at POWER

While it doesn’t take a national holiday for us to show our appreciation for our employees, today we celebrate them a little extra. 

In the past 31 years, POWER has become one of the nation’s leading exterior home remodelers, a billion-dollar business, and one of the best places to work in the country. So what is the secret sauce to that success? Well, it’s not so secret. Our power is our people. 

We’ve made major investments in hiring people based on their character and potential, in building a workplace that fosters community and purpose, and ultimately, in putting our employees above all else. 

At POWER, our employees are our most important asset, so we do all we can to prove that to them. Read on to hear how some of our leaders across the business are expressing their appreciation for their teams.

They create our strong and unique community

employees stacking hands before volunteer project
Power employees come together to stack hands before they get to work volunteering in underserved Chicago communities.

“Outsiders often ask the simple stock question: ‘what do you like most about working here?’ The answer usually has the same theme: the people. POWER is so many things, but at our core, we are a people business. We can’t do any of this without the people… and getting to interview, then hire, and train, and develop people throughout these walls is a fun and rewarding opportunity to be a part of. 

Our people are often young in their careers and usually searching for just that, a career.  And what they’ll discover is that they can actually do things they may have only  ever considered doing. They can then teach others, while maybe never considering to be teacher. They develop and grow, and then move on to do other things or more than they imagined. And all the while, they discover and build friendships — yes, friends at work! When you put all of that together, we have this weird, little (or big) community and company. And it’s the people that are the company I love to keep!”

Jamie Dulan, Vice President of Appointment Management

“I’ve been working at Power for 30 years and it is the community of people that keeps me happy, motivated and challenged. For this, I want to thank all of our employees for everything they do for the company, your colleagues, and our customers.”

Rob Borislow, Chief Production Officer

Our success is because of who they are

employees participating in team building activity
Dave Genet collaborates with several teammates on a team building activity at Power’s annual Women’s Summit.

“I want my team to know that through their individual growth, the department flourishes and this overall output has an exponential benefit on the business. I believe we are only scratching the surface on the value we will generate for the business which leaves me feeling challenged, energized, and fulfilled.”

Dave Genet, Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance

They create, innovate, and care

manager congratulates employee at work with a handshake
Power’s Vice President of Development & Infrastructure, Jenny Gray, congratulates fellow Power Code Academy graduates.

“I get the awesome privilege to work with a group of very talented and dedicated technologists everyday in BT. They are creative and passionate about our work and their care for each other and for Power truly makes my heart smile.”

Jenny Gray, Vice President of Development & Infrastructure

“I’m so grateful for my team because they care!  My team supports our homeowners at every stage of their experience. They are true problem solvers and detectives. Every call is different and they do their best to resolve every situation and provide the best service to our customers. I appreciate my team for having a sense of humor, a positive attitude and being able to pivot and adapt quickly to our ever changing environment. The people I work with every day are special to me because we are a diverse group, but we are one big, happy family!”

Beth Mowery, Vice President of Customer Experience

Our people are team-oriented 

“I want my Dallas team to know that we appreciate their commitment to being excellent day in and day out. I have the hardest working team out there, who are committed to personal and professional growth. They operate as a team, not as individuals, and we could not have reached the success we have without each individual.”

Othman Mustafa, Vice President of Sales in Dallas 

Their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed 

“I am so grateful for my team, the Business Affairs Department. They work so hard day in and day out to make sure their offices and the employees are set up for success. Their selflessness, positivity, and work ethic makes me so proud each and every day. I want my team to know that their hard work does not go unnoticed and I appreciate them!”

Leigh Shackelford, Vice President of Business Affairs

Our power is our people

employees cheering and celebrating
POWER employees celebrate all of their hard work at the company’s annual Leadership Conference.

Building a great place to work has always been the driving force behind our organization. Like most things at POWER, we took the road less traveled. We’ve focused our efforts on creating a workplace built on trust, camaraderie, and growth. And as you know, we don’t shy away from hard work. Award-winning culture isn’t about ping pong tables and free snacks. It’s about doing hard things with great people. Every day, I am incredibly grateful to get up and go to work alongside each and every one of you.”

Asher Raphael, co-CEO

Looking for a workplace that truly values their employees? Check out POWER’s open career opportunities here

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