May 1, 2024

How POWER is Championing Skilled Trade, Closing the Skills Gap in Construction 

Culture How POWER is Championing Skilled Trade, Closing the Skills Gap in Construction 

National Skilled Trades Day, celebrated on the first Wednesday of May, sheds light on the skilled trades shortage facing the United States and celebrates the necessary work of skilled tradespeople.

At POWER, we take reducing barriers to employment seriously — especially when it comes to skilled trades. 

In an industry that’s attached to a stigma of “unprofessionalism” and “unsophistication,” POWER leaders understood how big of an impact we could make. 

So, the Dan Price Craftsmanship Academy (DPCA) was born.

What is the DPCA?

POWER employees in a DPCA class take part in a home build, part of the program’s curriculum.

Named after a pivotal late-employee who was part of the program’s inception and build-out, the DPCA is a training program that allows POWER to address the gap in skilled trade by training non-installation employees with construction skills needed to complete installations. 

Through DPCA, POWER is both improving services for customers by helping to fill often vacated roles with skilled talent while creating more career opportunities within our communities. And better yet, employees within the program are paid while training. 

It’s our belief that building this program will allow us to provide our people with the skill and motivation to exceed our customer’s expectations. 

What is DPCA’s curriculum like?

DPCA instructor, Sean Johnston, goes over DPCA curriculum phases.

 The DPCA is a detailed and robust training program that spans over the course of 10 week, led by experienced, licensed, and full-time POWER employees.

Course content is defined in three phases that include the fundamental basics of construction, a breakdown of hand-held and power tools, OSHA guidelines, safety precautions, foundations and framing, window installation, roofing installation, siding installations, a miniature home build, and more.

What growth opportunities are available?

DPCA graduate and craftsman completes a window installation.

 The growth of the DPCA will bring job opportunities to hundreds across the country, especially to those who are yearning for a position that’s hands-on within the construction vertical, paired with competitive pay, an upward career trajectory, and in-depth training. 

Over 200 Power employees have gone through the program so far, and 29 have found their way into leadership roles. 

Want to hear from real POWER people? Here are a few anecdotal insights from employees involved in the DPCA: 

“Since the Great Recession, the industry has lost hundreds of thousands of workers. Rather than labor coming back at the quality that it left at, Baby Boomers are retiring and there are a lot of people coming into this industry that don’t know what they doing. There’s a vacuum and a void that needs to be filled there. A big part of what DPCA is focused on is the philosophy of craftsmanship — what it means to be a good craftsman, do good work and be proud of it. What makes POWER different is there is a genuine concern for doing things well. It’s the idea that work has value, no matter what it takes to do it. If you’re sweeping a floor, sweep it well. If you’re installing a window, install it the right way. It’s the idea of creating something that wasn’t there before that’s an order of magnitude better than what’s currently here.” — Sean Johnston, Vice President of Project Services and key architect of the DPCA at POWER

“Going through the DPCA reinforced the level of commitment that POWER puts into their training. Just like any other profession, skilled individuals who love what they do are what makes the experience better for everyone involved — primarily, the homeowners receiving the service. It’s given me and the people I work with such a drive. The satisfaction of a ‘job well done’ goes such a long way. To look at something and know that you did that — you don’t realize how great it feels to be a part of the above average experience for homeowners.” — Bridget Devine, Director of Project Services and DPCA graduate 

“Everything I know now, I learned at POWER. I had no experience in sales, marketing or construction previously and POWER has taught me everything from start to finish, especially since I’ve internally transferred from department to department over the course of my eight years within the business. To be one of the first nine employees selected for the DPCA program was an honor and a pivotal moment in my professional career. Entering the academy with little to no hands-on construction experience was definitely challenging, but at the same time it was a blessing in disguise. At POWER, we like to focus on ‘who before what’ and I looked at this as an opportunity to be a proof point to that belief. Fast forward five years later, I am now a Vice President of Installation Services. I can confidently say I am better at my job now because of the tools, knowledge, and overall skill set the academy provided me.” — Trevor Perryman, Vice President of Installation Services and member of the inaugural DPCA class at POWER 

Interested in adding ‘craftsman’ to your tool belt? Check out POWER’s career and development opportunities to learn more.

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